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Submissions – the first lot have gone off for proofing and editing. It is wonderful to have so many offers, but we do need the stuff in for processing, as we have limited resources and fixed dates. Here is a comment from one of our authors: “Please also consider that for Greeks “deadline” is not the end date but the date when we start feeling guilty because we didn’t do anything up to that point.” True for all of us, I think!

The original archives from Sandy Thomas, the author of ‘Dare to be Free’ I was given are now on the way to safety on the Holy Mountain, where a kleptomaniac librarian will swoop on them.

I got permission to include a transcript of a wartime recording included in the book –
the original is now available – try this :


  • George Touzenis Bendeck says:

    Good morning Peter, I have many photographs and a few paintings or sketches done in situ on the Mountain, where I go once or twice a year. Recently visited the Axion Estin cell. If interested I could send you a selection of this. Where could I do that?
    Warmest regards

    • Peter Howorth says:

      Hello George
      Thank you for the offer – paintings and sketches – YES PLEASE! I was looking for some photos of Axion Estin the other day to help illustrate the appeal for funds for the cell =
      send anything to me:

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