Editing: We have decided to ‘anonymise’ all the monks mentioned in the contributions – that is, all the monks who are alive. We think that this is fair – most of us who know the Holy Mountain will be able to work out who they are!

Progress: Contributions of artwork and beautiful drawings have been coming in. We are wondering whether or not to make proper art prints of some of these available in the future – it is hoped to display them at the book launch.

Other contributions: We have ‘in the bin’ 78,948 words, and are expecting (actually promised – you know who you are -) a further 29,200 words. When that is finally received a bit of serious tightening up will be required.

Competition – where do you think this picture is from?


  • Chris Thomas says:

    Not too many clues in that picture – is that wall maybe somewhere near Koutloumousiou?

    • Daniel Eriksen says:

      Well, that is a nun? So I think it is a trick question! Could it be St John the Baptist monastery in Essex, England…since Fr (Saint) Sophrony was at Mt Athos. So it would qualify as an Athonite photograph by association!

  • Peter Howorth says:

    Ho Ho
    – got you!!
    This is a nun at St. John the Forerunner, on Mount Ossa!
    A very happy place where my wife learned how to make haloumi cheese!

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