Book update

off to the Designer!

It is interesting to try and do normal things in these troubled times, BUT, the book has been copy-edited, revised, and sent off to the designer, all 128,587 words.   The selection of the main photographs is nearly finished – it is a mammoth task – I was talking to Roland about Simonospetra, and he said that he had 1,188 pictures of that monastery alone!

I think that we shall emerge into a different world in a month or so – it seems hard to think that another 12,000,000 people per day will be catching aeroplanes again!  Mother Earth must be enjoying the rest!



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  • Ruud Verkerk says:

    I am much looking forward to read this book. I just finished “Athos, or the mountain of the monks” by A. Riley 1887, wonderful book.
    My first visit to the Holy mountain was in 1982 and it made a very deep impression on me. Last year summer, despite the excellent map by Peter Howorth I managed to get lost and after a long day walk without seeing a single soul, just before sunset I arrived at Filotheou. It was a beautiful day. Ruud Verkerk, Gouda, The Netherlands

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