Well, the notice of the project arrived on Peter’s computer at 10:04 am on 15 October.   At 10:41am NZ time an offer of a submission from a professional writer in the USA was received!

Normally when one starts a project the time when it is announced is a moment of euphoria, and a few days later the weight of the responsibility descends.  In this case we had 37 minutes – thanks, guys!

It has been a bit like holding a bucket under a high-pressure tap (faucet).

At the rate it is going, we will have many choices to make and much editing to do, but it really will be the submissions will shape the book, which is wonderful.

Our general approach is not to focus on theological issues – there is probably enough out there at the moment – instead, we want to hear about relationships with the people and the land of the holy mountain. The impression we get from reading the first dozen or so contributions is that there is an initial fascination, then awe, and then love.  It is wonderful!

Some of you – we are not sure who, yet, will be approached directly, and it would be wonderful to have some submissions from the very significant group in all of our lives who, whilst will never have visited the holy mountain, will have an awful lot to say about it – you know who you are!

In the coming weeks, and with contributors’ prior permission, we will be providing you with more information on what the book is likely to feature.

Stay tuned for more or subscribe below to get notified when we post new updates.

Picture features Bart Janssens and Peter Desmond, May 2018


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