FoMA 30 pin badge

We are now just two weeks from our 30th anniversary year – and in addition to book news that will be coming thick and fast over the coming weeks we are also delighted to announce the first items from a selection of limited edition items. Our FoMA30 water bottles and pin badges will be on sale from the middle of January – prices and quantities will be announced in the first week of January. If you are interested on reserving an item – with no obligation to buy – leave your name below or drop me a line at christopher.thomas5@gmail.com.

Thank you to Roland Baetens for the beautiful photo.

FoMA30 water bottle

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The Society of the Friends of Mount Athos is dedicated to the study and promulgation of knowledge of the history, culture, arts, architecture, natural history, and literature of the Orthodox monasteries of Mount Athos, and to the promotion of the religious and other charitable work of the Holy Community and the monasteries, both those located on Mount Athos, and those elsewhere which are dependent or connected in some way with Mount Athos.