At the rear of the book will be certain helpful information, and we think it would be good to have a reading list. We would be pleased to have some suggestions – obviously there are the classics – ‘Wounded by Love’, for instance.
We are looking to inform and excite people, so nothing too difficult, please. Any other ideas?

Front Matter
When we started this project, the book was originally envisaged as a ‘commonplace book’ for consumption within the Membership, to help explain the enthusiasms of wayward males, but when the calibre of the contributors was realised, and the huge interest outside the FoMA family, we felt that it was worthwhile producing something for a wider readership.

We have at least forty-three contributors, with an extraordinary range of subjects. We have 70,000 words ‘in the can’, with a further 34,000 on the way; so there will have to be some editing. The quality is staggering!


  • Andrew says:

    May I propose ‘The Station: Athos: Treasures and Men’ by Robert Byron

    • Peter Howorth says:

      Good! – What is rather cool is that we have an extract from The Station in the book – the arrival at Simonos Petra, and, later on, a story from Nicky Talbot-Rice (Son of Byron’s companion) and Richard Storey on a return visit – and what happened then…… everything persists on the Holy Mountain, and nothing is wasted…..

  • Leslie Currie says:

    Sorry if this reply is out of date – but if there is no other reference to it, Timothy Ware’s ‘The Orthodox Church: An Introduction to Eastern Christianity’ is still a good introduction to anyone, like me, who has no knowledge of the Church or its doctrines. The last printing seems to have been 2015 – but there are real and e-versions for a very long time.
    He still seems to appear as ‘Timothy Ware’ in bibliographies and book details.

  • Daniel Eriksen says:

    A Reading List:
    A great book on the psychological blocks we have that cause us to make little progress in the Christian life:
    “Do You Know Yourself”, by Fr Symeon Kragiopoulis who reposed in Greece in 2015. An amazingly insightful look at our self deceptions in our approach to spiritual growth. (I can’t find my copy, but his other book was released in translation in 2018 by St John Chrysostomos Monastery, Pleasant Prairie, WI; one of the Elder Ephraim’s many American monasteries. I originally got my copy from the bookstore in the Arizona monastery)

    Also: “Ascetic of Love” the book about Mother Gavrilia and her monastic life in India. Publisher? Common sense spiritual advice for a religiously pluralistic world. (can’t find my copy of this one either, though we’ve read it several times. Probably lent it out to someone!)

    “Everyday Saints and Other Stories” by Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov) Pokrov Publications, 2012 ISBN 978-0-9842848-3-2
    A down-to-Earth telling of stories from Russia of how people coped with the crazy Communist system, in a serious yet sometimes humorous manner. Told by those who lived close to our time. 490 pages

    A classic small primer on the Orthodox spiritual path: “Way of the Ascetic” by Tito Colliander a Finnish monk, a convert who found Orthodoxy when drunk on the street and saw a Church and went in. Very pithy and good. Out of print? (gave away my only copy about 30 years ago to a hitch-hiker on the road; I wonder if he ever went to a church?)

    • Peter Howorth says:

      My copy of Everyday Saints has gone walkabout, but it is a truly refreshing look at Orthodoxy under communism. A very good book.
      I had another book (which I have) recommended yesterday by a friend from Dionysiou – A Night in the Desert of the Holy Mountain – about the Jesus Prayer

  • Bart Janssens says:

    I have profited from and enjoyed reading these books:
    Robert Curzon, Jr., Ancient Monasteries of the East, Or: Visits to Monasteries in the Levant (reprint Gorgias Press, 2001)
    William Dalrymple, From the Holy Mountain. A Journey in the Shadow of Byzantium (Harper Collins, 1997)
    Monk Epiphanios of Mylopotamos, The Cuisine of the Holy Mountain Athos (Synchronoi orizontes, 2010)

    On my wish list:
    Eleni Kefalopoulou, Mount Athos Wines. The History of Winemaking on the Holy Mountain (Athos, 2018)

    Best wishes for the New Year!

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